Quantifying subglacial roughness and its link to glacial.

Glacial geomorphology: modeling processes and landforms.

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Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Glaciation style and the geomorphological record: evidence.

YOUNG, NATHANIEL,JOSEPH,PETER (2009) Glacial Geomorphology of southern Alberta, Canada. Masters thesis, Durham University. Preview. PDF 11Mb: Abstract. During deglaciation from the Last Glacial Maximum three terrestrial ice streams within the south western sector of the Laurentide Ice Sheet competed and coalesced in southern Alberta; the High Plains Ice Stream (HPIS), Central Alberta Ice.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Glacial geomorphology of the Esk Basin, Midlothian.

PRESCOTT, PHILIP,WILLIAM (2013) Quantifying subglacial roughness and its link to glacial geomorphology and ice speed. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. Preview. PDF (Philip Prescott - PhD Thesis) - Accepted Version 21Mb: Abstract. The shape of subglacial bed topography, termed its roughness, is a recognised control on basal ice-flow. Although glaciologists have observed patterns of.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Testing climate synchronicity between Scotland and Romania.

PhD; Research; People; Department; Glacial Geomorphology. Glaciation leaves behind a variety of bedforms on the Earth surface. Part of my research explores how they form, with an aim to reconstruct the conditions of past ice flow using them and to learn something about the processes that operate at the glacier bed. The following images show two examples which I have studied. When sediment.


Megan Klaar PhD Thesis v List of Figures Figure No. Title Page 1.1 Eco-geomorphology 4 1.2 Framework for biocomplexity 5 1.3 Major linkages within environments at Glacier Bay 9 2.1 Map of Glacier Bay National Park 22 2.2 The hierarchical classification of stream habitats 25.

The impact of the Minch palaeo-ice stream in NW Scotland.

Landform studies and glacial sediment inventories, glacial geomorphology remains a rich and vibrant science. Much Much remains to be discovered, re-assessed and new avenues of research pursued.

Glacial and Structural Geomorphology in the Maladeta.

Glacier morphology, or the form a glacier takes, is influenced by temperature, precipitation, topography, and other factors. The goal of glacial morphology is to gain a better understanding of glaciated landscapes, and the way they are shaped. Types of glaciers can range from massive ice sheets, such as the Greenland ice sheet, to small cirque glaciers found perched on mountain tops.

Glacial geomorphology of the central sector of the last.

Mathers, Hannah (2014) The impact of the Minch palaeo-ice stream in NW Scotland: Constraining glacial erosion and landscape evolution through geomorphology and cosmogenic nuclide analysis. PhD thesis, University of Glasgow. Full text available as.


We here present a glacial geomorphological map covering 11,800 km2, at a scale of 1:550,000, of the central sector of the last (Main Late Devensian) British-Irish Ice Sheet. The map is based on the 5 m resolution NEXTMap dataset. Six landform types have been mapped; subglacial lineations, hummocky terrain, ribbed moraine, meltwater channels, eskers and glaciofluvial sediment accumulations.

Geomorphology, Glacial and Periglacial by King, Cuchlaine A.M.,Embleton, Clifford and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at AbeBooks.co.uk.


Research: Glacial Geomorphology. Project: Glacier dynamics and erosion patterns over the last glacial cycle: implications for reconstructing Alpine paleo-climatic conditions. Mountain topography and landforms reflect the interplay between geodynamic, climatic and erosion processes at the Earth’s surface. In that context, the progressive cooling of the Earth’s climate during the last.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Controls upon the location and size of glacial overdeepenings.

Geomorphology is the study of the processes that have shaped the Earth’s surface. At UBC, research in geomorphology is focussed on fluvial processes and landforms, particularly in mountainous regions, and on glacial processes and Quaternary landscape history. An emerging research direction in our geomorphology program involves studying the interaction between the various geomorphic processes.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

The glacial geomorphology of the Antarctic ice sheet bed.

The area provides opportunities for detailed glacial geomorphology, sedimentology and micropaleontogical work, from which a very high-resolution study on climate change spanning the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) through to the present was able to be reconstructed. The geomorphology reveals a complex glacial history spanning multiple glaciations.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Glacial and Periglacial Geomorphology - AbeBooks.

This thesis presents the development and application of a grid-based mapping approach that provides an efficient solution to the problems of mapping small landforms over large areas. The approach allows the cataloguing of landform classes, of multiple sizes, efficiently in a single pass. The speed at which the data could be recorded allowed for the first continuous, full resolution mapping of.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Sean Gilgannon - Glacial geomorphology PhD Student - The.

Outside of my PhD work, I am interested in glacial geomorphology and palaeo-ice sheet reconstruction of the British-Irish Ice Sheet, as well as broader, global palaeo-glaciology and its imprints on our land and continental shelves. I am also interested in geological records of extreme wave events such as storm surges and tsunami deposits. I am also interested in evolution of pore pressure and.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Glacial Geomorphology of the Last Irish Ice Sheet.

Philip submitted and successfully defended his PhD thesis in 2004.. Philip specialises in glacial geomorphology, glacial sedimentology and glaciology and their application in reconstructing past glacial environments and associated climates. Other specialisms include pollen analysis and Uranium-series dating. Philip trained at the Open University Uranium Series Facility in Milton Keynes.

Glacial Geomorphology Phd Thesis

Research: Research: Glacial Geomorphology - Institute of.

School of Science and the Environment. The School of Science and the Environment has a strong mix of academics with a high degree of professional and personal experience, enabling you to get the most out of your programme. Our staff have expertise in river science, glacial geomorphology, environmental geology, GIS and remote sensing.